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My time coffee brewer

soupir | milk
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Produced by Chie Suzuhara
Cloth filter coffee traditional japanese cafe style

Do you have a time for yourself,

in your daily life?

It is an important time to calm your mind.

"soupir" is a coffee product

that can be used for such a time.

Let's return to our true selves for a little while.

Sorrounded by the aroma of coffee.

It's tasty, and it's fun


Cloth filter



For professinal

”Maluta” filter

プレゼンテーション 2.001.png

3 tastes

coffee filter


Fix quantity

Shortcut to ​tasty

プレゼンテーション 2.003.jpeg

Strong steam

it's "soupir"​

For your lifestyle

プレゼンテーション 2_edited.jpg



プレゼンテーション 3.006.jpeg

Desined for


プレゼンテーション 3.005.jpeg



プレゼンテーション 3.004.jpeg

Filter store in



Drip anywhere

Cloth filter coffee

The Origin of Coffee Extraction

The appeal of flannel drip is the taste.

 It is rich, yet mellow.

The elegant texture can only be tasted by using flannnel drip.

3 Flavors Flannel Filter

There's No One Way to​ Flavor

Choose a Filter like you would choose a Coffee shop

Old and New Coffee Experience

Made by "Maluta", Suppoting coffee professionals for over half century

3 tastes coffee filter | soupir

One type of bean gives you three different flavors

Flannel drip has supported the coffee culture in Japan

You can enjoy the story along with it​.

Japanese coffee master
3 tastes coffee filter | soupir

Intuitive Design

Flannel dripping is not difficult​

Don't chenge amount

Strong steam

Keep warm in pottery

The "soupir" has a device that allows for steady dripping and the pleasure of hand-dripping.

Package | soupir

All-in-one design

Let's start flannel drip

Express flannnel drip right away​

Beautiful box for gift​

The set includes flannel filter.

​Please make use of the cloth include in the package.



Fits inside a cup​

Flip the dripper upside down

Simple shape and easy to wash​

The role of saucer

​Always have your favolite coffee by your side

No need to drip in the kitchen

At your desk, at your living table

Use daily, use on weekend.

I want to make an easy-to-use flannel dripper.

​Review all workflow for easy-to-use.



3types of carrying options​

PORTABLE | soupir
​Move built-in sponge Efficient packing
Special pouch Roll-top style for easy loading and unloading Online store exclusive


Portable package

Dual structured of paper tube

and  built-in sponge​


Solo cooker

Move built-in sponge

Efficient packing


Special pouch

Roll-top style for easy loading and unloading

Online store exclusive

Specially designed flannel filter

Specially designed flannel filter

Just cover it

One-touch attachment and removal

​Built-in wire design

Filter management

​Easy to store flozen

Defrost under running water before use

Sustinable because the material can be use repeatedly

Made in Japan

​Two colors with different textures

Handwork of craftsmen

Mino pottery



size | soupir

Size : φ8.5×H10.5cm(When stored)

Color : Milk/Dark

Applox. : 170ml

Materials :

Pottery (Lead and cadmium tested in japan)

Produced area : Japan

size | flannel filter | soupir

Size : φ7.5×H8.5cm

Color : Green/Red/Blue


Cotton and Polyester (Flourescent dye tested in Japan)

Produced area : Japan

package | soupir

Size : φ12.3×H13.3cm

Materials : Paper,polyurethane,silicone

Produced area : Japan


> Maluta clothing co.

> Rokuyosha coffee shop



Q. Can I use the flannel filter as is?
A. New filters have glue on them, so please boil them once and squeeze them well before use.

Q. How do I store the flannel filter?
A. Wash them in cold water without detergent and store them in a plastic bag for freezing.

Q. Why freeze storage?
A. Coffee oil that has soaked into the fabric will oxidize when it dries, causing the fabric to corrode faster. Therefore, it is important not to let it dry out. This storage method helps to slow down the deterioration of the cloth.

Q. Why can't I use detergent?
A. The ingredients of detergent may remain in the cloth and enter the coffee. We recommend that you do not use detergent as it may be harmful to your body.

Q. My flannel filter is getting dyed?
A. For the above reasons, please do not wash it with bleach. The flannel filter is in the correct state to be dyed.

Q. How many times can I use a flannel filter?
The standard is 50 times. It will last longer if you boil it occasionally. Regardless of the number of times you use it, you should replace it when it is damaged.

Q. How much does it cost to maintain the flannel filter?

A. The price of each flannel filter is 550 yen (tax included), and if you replace it 50 times, the cost is 11 yen per replacement. If you boil the filter occasionally, it will last longer.

Q. Can I use the special flannel filter for soupir with the utensils and cups I have?

A. We are not sure if it can be used with your cups, as it is specially designed to fit in a soupir cup. It is possible that it may tip over during use, so we recommend attaching it to the soupir.

Q.Can I try to Cold brew coffee?

A.Due to its structure, it is not intended for use with cold brew coffee. It is possible to make iced coffee " rapid cooling " by putting ice in the cup first and then dripping. You can also enjoy café au lait in the same way. Please refer to the video of YouTuber "Coffee Samurai" → YECJhaE

Q.Why does it taste different?

A.The flavor extracted depends on how the hot water and beans come into contact with each other. Each of the three types of flannel filters has its own combination of material, raised surface, twist, thickness, etc., and the flavor is changed as it is adjusted to the actual extraction process. For more information, please see this page → 3tastes coffee filters

Q.Do ceramics stain? Is it difficult to handle?

A.If you notice any stains, we recommend soaking it in diluted bleach before washing or scrubbing it with a melamine sponge. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Q.Does it have a handle?

A.The handle is eliminated in order to prioritize a compact design. Instead, we have designed the cup to be much thicker so that it is less prone to direct heat. As a result, the heat retention is also increased, making it harder to cool down.

Q.Are you using any materials that may affect human body?

A.Lead is not used as a raw material for pottery and has passed heavy metal elution tests. Flannel filters have also passed fluorescent dye elution tests. Please feel free to use them.



 Main body(3parts)

 Cloth filter(Nagoya type) ×1

 Silicon fixing belt

 Paper tube carring box

 Instruction manual


 ¥8,350(Not include shipping costs)

3 coffee filters change of flavors


 Cloth filter(Nagoya type) ×1

 Cloth filter(Tokyo type) ×1

 Cloth filter(Osaka type) ×1

 Package and instructon manual


 ¥1,650(Not include shipping costs)

2filters Bag "Nagoya type"


 Cloth filter(Nagoya type) ×2

 Package and instructon manual


 ¥1,100(Not include shipping costs)

Excellent in unity while bringing out the strong flavor of the beans. Rich and elegant taste. Ideal for high quality deep roasted blended coffee. Type included in the "soupir".

2filters Bag "Tokyo type"


 Cloth filter(Tokyo type) ×2

 Package and instructon manual


 ¥1,100(Not include shipping costs)

It brings out the characteristics of the bean and has excellent aroma. Ideal for high quality single origin coffee beans and shallow roasted beans. Fast extraction speed.

2filters Bag "Osaka type"


 Cloth filter(Osaka type) ×2

 Package and instructon manual


 ¥1,100(Not include shipping costs)

Extracts bitterness. Ideal for iced coffee and café au lait. Removes astringency from low-cost coffee beans. Slow extraction speed.

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